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Experience Austrian food at its finest

All facets of the traditional Viennese cuisine can be experienced at the three restaurants of the Schick Hotels Vienna. These central restaurants in Vienna, Restaurant Kronprinz Rudolph, Restaurant "Das Schick" and Restaurant Wiener Wirtschaft have committed themselves entirely to the traditional Viennese cuisine and Viennese specialities - each restaurant in a different, individual way.


But what characterises the traditional Viennese cuisine? First of all Vienna is one of the very few cities that can boast with its very own distinctive cuisine. Of course there are certain parallels with general Austrian cuisine, however traditional Viennese cuisine is seen as autonomous in Vienna's restaurants. The reasons can be found in the historic development of the Austrian capital: Vienna has been the European epicentre of power for centuries. People from the entire Habsburg Empire came to the regent's city to live and work. The melting pot of cultures also blended the different cooking styles into an exciting new cuisine - which is known today as traditional Viennese cuisine. Influences from Hungary - with 'Gulasch'; or Bohemia - with the many delicious pastries; and influences even from the Turkish besiegers of Vienna characterise the outstanding traditional Viennese cuisine.

Dine at a Schick-Restaurant in Vienna and experience different interpretations of traditional Viennese cuisine with a Spanish kiss

One of the many classics of the Viennese cuisine is no doubt the world famous Wiener Schnitzel, which in its original variety stems from veal. Tafelspitz - boiled beef - is also an all time favourite. Especially rich in variety is the Viennese tavern cuisine - which can be tried at the Restaurant Wiener Wirtschaft. At the Restaurant Kronprinz Rudolph however the classic Viennese cuisine is the leading theme. A must-try while staying in Vienna are the numerous sweet temptations of the Viennese cuisine, such as 'Kaiserschmarrn', sweet dumplings or rich cakes. At the restaurant "Das Schick" you will be pampered by the culinary interplay of Austrian and Spanish specicalities on the highest level, accompanied by wines and beverages of both countries, which are connected since centuries.

If you want to test recipes of the traditional Vienna cuisine back home, take a look at the restaurants of the Schick Hotels - where you will find the recipes for the most important dishes of Austrian food.


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Kronprinz Rudolph restaurant Kronprinz Rudolph restaurant

Dinner like in emporer's time. Finest food from Vienna is waiting for you in a charming restaurant where best ingredients and finest products from out of the region are used for cooking.

Kronprinz Rudolph restaurant

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Das Schick restaurant Das Schick restaurant

Enjoy a breathtaking view over the rooftops of Vienna while having a fantastic dinner which was cooked in a gourmet kitchen.

Das Schick restaurant

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Wiener Wirtschaft restaurant Wiener Wirtschaft restaurant

A broad range of Viennese cuisine is waiting for you cooked exclusivly with quality goods.

Wiener Wirtschaft restaurant

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