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For the most important meal of the day

“Enjoy the breakfast like an emperor, lunch like a king and dinner like a beggar” - is how an Austrian saying goes. There is a debate whether or not this is true for losing weight, but I don't really care. 

I love hotel breakfast buffets because you can truly enjoy a breakfast like an emperor. That for me is the right interpretation of the saying. 

Breakfast at City Central

Juices, fruits and jam for breakfast at Hotel City Central in Vienna
Breakfast at Hotel City Central

At the City Central Hotel in Vienna all of my expectations are even exceeded when it comes to breakfasts. On the way from my room to the buffet I can already smell fresh coffee and bread – what a start to the day! 

The many kind souls that got up earlier than me have already chopped fruit and vegetables, made fresh juice, put out ham and cheese, took care of oven-fresh bread and made coffee. They have arranged everything in the most deliciously looking way and my mouth is already watering.

First of all I look for a nice table and already one of the friendly ladies asks me if I want tea of coffee with my breakfast; and then I'm off to the buffet.

The biggest breakfast buffet 

“What do I fancy the most?” I start with good intents and take tea, fresh vegetables, ham and wholemeal bread. Instead of butter I choose cottage-cheese and I feel very healthy and reasonable.

But then I think about the long sightseeing tour that I have ahead of me and get a cheese selection and fresh toast – everything is just so delicious.

The famous Viennese Kipferl 

I finished my tea by now and there are fresh Viennese Kipferl, the traditional local croissant, and the many different jams waiting for me …

As one of the friendly ladies asks me if I want something else to drink, I'm very easy to persuade and order a pot of coffee.

What is a coffee without a Kipferl and after all I'm on holiday and why not leave the reasonable and calorie-reduced diet for home, where there is only one breakfast buffet, the one I prepare myself – which rather looks like a “beggar's breakfast”. 

Sightseeing in Vienna 

After this imperial breakfast I'm full and happy and could easily go back to bed for another hour, but Vienna is calling me with its own kind of buffet of sights, curiosities, encounters and experiences and I want to taste as much as possible of it.

Oh yes, and there would have been bubbly available at the buffet as well – I'll indulge in some tomorrow … just for the blood circulation!

Monika G., Stockholm 

Book your room at City Central and enjoy an imperial breakfast. 

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