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Show cooking in the course of the SCHICK-Catering

Your event – with a unique experience!

If you want to offer your guests a culinary highlight, invite them to our show cooking within the SCHICK-Catering of your event, for the perfect aha experience for you and your guests, who will talk about this special evening for days.

During this special item of the catering, your guests can watch the chef preparing Kaiserschmarrn, Paella in the huge pan or how a whole Vulcano or Pata Negra ham is freshly sliced. Watch our cuisine team and maybe our chef will also reveal one of his cooking secrets, while your guests enjoy the freshly prepared delicacies.

Finest culinary experiences are guaranteed – live and magical.

Contact our chef for the possible variations of fresh preparing dishes during your event-catering, to get the most out of it for your guests!

For your special event and our convenient catering send us your no obligation online enquiry.

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