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Shoppers’ Paradise Just 60 Kilometres From Vienna

Following the division of the former Czechoslovakia into the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Bratislava became the new capital of Slovakia. What’s unique is that due to its proximity to Vienna the two cities on the Danube are now the two closest metropolises in the entire world.

Today, Bratislava has about half a million citizens and its population is increasing rapidly. It is, after all, one of the most dynamic cities in Europe. Many companies open their Eastern European offices here, where the proximity to Vienna allows business and tourism to flourish. Only 60 kilometres separates you from Bratislava. Here, a charming historical part of the city in addition to many inexpensive opportunities for shopping and eating await your visit.

Our tip: Travel to Bratislava on the new Twin City Liner. The dock is located at Schwedenplatz in the 1st District (20 m away from Hotel Capricorno, 200 m from Hotel Stefanie and Hotel City Central). With the low-priced combination tickets you can head to Bratislava in the morning and be back in your Schick hotel already in the evening – all in comfort and without having to worry about traffic jams or late train arrivals. The Twin City Liner is a modern high-speed vessel with a light-weight construction and jet engine. It travels between Bratislava and Vienna three times a day and requires only 75 minutes each way. The boat is fully air-conditioned and arrives directly in the historical section of Bratislava. There’s really no more comfortable way to travel to Bratislava than on the Twin City Liner.

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