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Vienna Central Cemetery: resting place of famous names

A silent and peaceful attraction for your holidays in Vienna

The Vienna Central Cemetery is a real insider's tip amongst the attractions of Vienna. This spacious final resting place is one of the most beautiful park facilities in the Austrian capital. Many famous celebreties have found their final resting place at the Vienna Central Cemetery.

Vienna Central Cemetery - Falco Tomb
Falco tomb in Vienna

The Vienna Central Cemetery is a place of peace and calm but also opens a world of encounters. Take a walk on the ramblingVienna Central Cemetery (a huge area, 2.5 square-kilometre in size) and discover the final resting place of famous artists, composers, politicians and sparkling names of society

The quiet attraction in Vienna: the Central Cemetery

The Vienna Central Cemetery is the most important cemetery of the metropolis on the Danube and the second largest cemetery in Europe. People of all religions are buried here. Visitors appreciate the spacious park facilities of the Viennese cemetery with its impressive flora and fauna. For many people the Vienna Central Cemetery is an oasis of peace and relaxation. While walking around this famous Viennese graveyard you will marvel at the many artistic crypts and gravestones.

Old and New Jewish Cemetery at the Vienna Central Cemetery

Trace the history of the Jews in Vienna. The Old Jewish Cemetery (Gate 1) is home to the graves of Arthur Schnitzler, Friedrich Torberg, Gerhard Bonner and Viktor Frankl

Last resting place for Austrian notables

A special honour for Austrian notables are the honorary graves. They are awarded to famous citizens of the city of Vienna. Examples are Ludwig van Beethoven, Johannes Brahms, Johann Nestroy, Richard Strauss senior and junior, Hugo Wiener and Helmut Zilk.

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