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Hotel reviews of the Schick Hotel Am Parkring

You will be enchanted by the unique location of your hotel in Vienna high above the rooftops of the Austrian capital. Find out what other guests think about Schick Hotel Am Parkring.

Hotel reviews are independent, incorruptible, priceless: find out more how other guests liked their stay at Hotel Am Parkring - your centrally located hotel in Vienna.

Hotel reviews of your Schick Hotel in Vienna

Schick Hotels in Vienna appreciate the reviews of their guests. The feedback is an important aid for the entire team at your hotel in Vienna - and help us make decisions about the services we offer. Find out more about your centrally located hotel in Vienna from a guest's perspective and let the many positive reviews convince you!

Reviews from Customer Alliance

4,8 / 5,0
By Anonymous

Wed, 16. nov. 2016: "Top class! Friendly. Location was excellent for walking aroun the city. Thoroughly enjoyed the stay and will stay again!"
4,0 / 5,0
By Anonymous

Fri, 11. nov. 2016: "good!"
4,0 / 5,0
By Anonymous

Fri, 11. nov. 2016: "Good, but room service sometimes very late in the day. Complimentary water would have been nice."
3,8 / 5,0
By Anonymous

Mon, 7. nov. 2016: "The hotel is in a convenient location close to the city and public transportation facilities. For people who prefer not to stay in large hotels the hotel offers an excellent alternative at an acceptable price level. My room had a comfortable size and contained all the required facilities. The staff was very fiendly and supportive."
4,3 / 5,0
By Anonymous

Wed, 2. nov. 2016: "very good"

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