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Your holidays in Vienna: hotel reviews

Hotel reviews of Schick Hotel Capricorno

Are you planning your holidays in Vienna at Schick Hotel Capricorno? Why not take a look at the hotel reviews online to find out more about the impressions of guests of this charming downtown hotel in Vienna.

It is the goal of the Hotel Capricorno team to ensure you spend unforgettable holidays at the charming downtown hotel in Vienna. The hotel team is ready to hear your criticism in order to help making the service at the hotel even better.

Hotel reviews for your holidays in Vienna

Take a look at independent and authentic hotel reviews of your Schick Hotel Capricorno. Find out how guests enjoyed their stay at the downtown hotel and their holidays in Vienna. Look forward to spending unforgettable holidays or a successful business trip at the centrally located, charming downtown hotel and let the friendly team spoil you with a superb service.

One of Vienna's top 10 design hotels

2015 Trivago has listed the Hotel Capricorno as one of the top 10 design hotels. The colour concept of the rooms together with selected motives on wallpapers (which have been fotographed by hotel manager & hobby photographer Peter Buocz) have convinced Trivagao as well as the offer of a tablet in each room with free WIFI access.

Schick Hotel Capricorno

Reviews on Customer Alliance

4,3 / 5,0

Wed, 13. sep. 2017: "Very good. However lots of noise from outside on room on 1st floor. We booked long time in advance so i though we would have had a better room...Less noise Staff Very Nice. Staff at breakfast are offering a Very good service with smile. This Was Very much appreciated."
4,5 / 5,0
By Anonymous

Tu, 15. aug. 2017: "Good vacation."
3,8 / 5,0
Ronnie E.

Mon, 7. aug. 2017: "Ok experience ."
4,7 / 5,0
Samuel M.

Sat, 29. july 2017: "We really enjoyed our stay at this hotel and the kindness of its staff."
4,7 / 5,0
Peter D.

Wed, 28. june 2017: "Very good. It was an excellent experience"

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Convinced? Book your room at 4-star Schick Hotel Capricorno in Viennas 1st district.

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