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Take a look at a small orientation guide for your holidays in Austria here. The hotel reviews provide information and show how other guests enjoyed their stay at Schick Hotel City Central - your downtown hotel in Vienna. 

Are you not quite sure about the choice of the perfect hotel in Vienna for your holidays? Take a look at the opinions of other guests on Schick Hotel City Central online. Let the superb service and modern comforts convince you.

Hotel reviews of your hotel in Vienna: Hotel City Central

There is no better help in making your holiday decision than the independent opinions of former guests who stayed at this centrally located hotel in Vienna. Feedback is a valuable source of information to improve even further the efficient work of the team. Curious? Find out more about the thoughts, opinions and wishes of former guests of Schick Hotels in Vienna.

Schick Hotel City Central

Reviews on Customer Alliance

3,8 / 5,0
By Anonymous

Tu, 12. jan. 2016: "Love the front desk staff. They are helpful, cheerful & courteous!"
5,0 / 5,0
By Anonymous

Mon, 11. jan. 2016: "Excellent!"
4,7 / 5,0
Ireland t.

Tu, 22. dec. 2015: "Pleasant and welcoming. Staff are excellent , friendly, helpful and professional. Would certainly recommend this Hotel. Met all our needs from beginning to end. Well done and thank you for making our Holiday a good one."
5,0 / 5,0
Hantsman U.

Fri, 18. dec. 2015: "Superb as usual"
4,5 / 5,0
By Anonymous

Thu, 17. dec. 2015: "Very good."

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