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Erzherzog Rainer: reviews of your hotel in Vienna

Hotel reviews of Schick Hotels in the capital of Austria

Find out more online about how other guests rated your hotel in Vienna and decide which charming Schick Hotel to make your home during your holidays in Austria.

The team at the Hotel Erzherzog Rainer, your centrally located hotel in Vienna, is looking forward to your hotel review. Reviews are a chance to improve the service and an opportunity to acknowledge heartfelt hospitality and work well done.

Erzherzog Rainer: your opinion of your hotel in Vienna

Independent, authentic hotel reviews are a great help in deciding on the perfect holiday accommodation. Take a look at how other guests liked the Schick Hotels in Vienna and look forward to experiencing the legendary Austrian hospitality, delicious Viennese cuisine and a hotel team whose goal it is to ensure your perfect holiday in Vienna.

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Reviews on Customer Alliance

4,5 / 5,0
Yury D.

Tu, 20. sep. 2016: "Good, stylish hotel."
4,3 / 5,0
Nigel L.

Mon, 19. sep. 2016: "Generally good. However, I was not happy to have had to leave a €50 deposit in case I used the mini bar or caused any damage, this is not something which has been requested at other hotels I have stayed at throughout Europe and was not a particularly good welcome. I booked through Expedia, and there was no mention of this on their site. If you want to use third party sites to attract customers you must include such terms. A comment made by the hotel on my Expedia review states this was also to cover use in the restaurant. This was not mentioned when I checked in, or out, and when I used the restaurant I paid in cash and was never asked if I was staying at the hotel, so I find this comment strange. The absence of such cash was inconvenient."
4,2 / 5,0
David A.

Mon, 19. sep. 2016: "Generally positive, though the experience was diminished by the lack of air-conditioning in the room."
4,3 / 5,0
By Anonymous

Mon, 19. sep. 2016: "Very good just please get some air con"
2,3 / 5,0
By Anonymous

Mon, 19. sep. 2016: "It was almost good."

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The team of Hotel Erzherzog Rainer, your central hotel in Vienna is happy about being reviewed. We see Reviews as a chance to improve and also as a confirmation of our excellent work and heartly hospitality.

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