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Schick Hotel Stefanie, your centrally located hotel in Vienna, has been attracting guests from all over the world for more than 400 years. Find out what guests appreciate most about the elegant hotel in Vienna.

Online hotel reviews provide important feedback to the team at your hotel in Vienna - they are also a valuable guide for future holidaymakers like you.

Take a look at the hotel reviews of Hotel Stefanie

Why not take a look at independent hotel reviews written by former guests who spent their business trip or holiday at the charming 4-star Hotel Stefanie in Vienna. Authentic, immediate and independent reviews are a great help in choosing the right hotel in Vienna for your stay in Austria.

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Schick Hotel Stefanie

Reviews on Customer Alliance

4,5 / 5,0
By Anonymous

Sun, 17. sep. 2017: "Very good. The hotel is a little expensive"
4,7 / 5,0
By Anonymous

Tu, 22. aug. 2017: "Excellent! The front desk staff was especially helpful and courteous."
4,8 / 5,0
By Anonymous

Wed, 16. aug. 2017: "A wonderful experience overall, a very pleasant stay with extremely friendly and helpful staff--excellent service!"
4,5 / 5,0
Arnold +.

Sat, 15. july 2017: "Great experience, hotel is close to town center and public transportation is nearby"
3,7 / 5,0
By Anonymous

Tu, 4. july 2017: "enjoyed the stay very much"

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