Over 400 years of tradition in Vienna's oldest hotel

Hotel Stefanie – Vienna's oldest hotel

A hotel with history, a building full of history

They say that churches were often built on special places and former sanctuaries; we think that this is also true for Hotel Stefanie. You are staying at Vienna's oldest hotel and therefore on historic grounds. The accommodation that used to be where today's Hotel Stefanie is located, was first mentioned in 1600. 

Picture of the marriage of Princess Stephanie of Belgium
Tradition in Hotel Stefanie

At a time when travelling was still an obligation rather than pleasure, there was already a hostel located “am Tabor” on this street. Today's Taborstraße in the 2nd district used to be an access road from the eastern parts of Vienna to the centre. Here right in front of the town gate several public houses for merchants, coachmen and carters could be found on this street. 

From “Hotel Weiße Rose” to Hotel Stefanie 

In 1881 the “Hotel Weiße Rose” in Vienna was renamed to “Hotel Stefanie” in celebration of the wedding of Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria and Princess Stephanie of Belgium. It is quite remarkable how the princess' name is written with “ph”, while the hotel's name is spelled with an “f”. One might speculate that this had diplomatic reasons.

The hotel's architecture with its elegant ballroom, the high ceilings and windows as well as the “imperial” furnishing still let you feel the historic importance of this building today. 

Hotel in Vienna: Taborstraße

Travellers through the ages 

Taborstraße used to be one of the most important shopping streets in the 2nd district. Located on the Danube, which wasn't yet diverted out of the city centre at that time, it was here where travellers found an accommodation and a good meal, where they could change their horses and have the wheels of their coaches repaired at the local wainwright. Travelling merchants, public servants with a royal mission, secret lovers on the run and probably also a couple of dodgers, they all stayed here in this quarter.

4-star rooms were quite literally centuries away and if you think about how, for instance, Goethe used to travel (he might as well have stayed at “Hotel Weiße Rose”), it is quite remarkable how complicated journeys used to be back then. 

Family-run in 4th generation - led into today

Hotel Stefanie, your elegant hotel in Vienna, has been successfully run by the Schick family in already the 4th generation now. The special features at the history-charged hotel on Taborstraße are the various precious antiques. The grandfather of today's CEO already had a passion for these rarities – and this passion has been passed on from generation to generation.

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