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Recipe for 4 persons

Goulash - Schick Hotels
Goulash speciality in Vienna

250 g finely chopped onions
20 g paprika powder
800 g veal saddle or joint (cut into cubes)
1/8 l sour cream
20 g flour to thicken sauce
1 tsp tomato pulp
1 clove garlic, salt, lemon peel

Roast onions in hot oil till they are golden coloured, stir with paprika powder and pour some water, add salt, some lemon peel, mashed clove, tomato pulp and veal saddle or joint and maintain a low boiling for about 35 minutes stirring from time to time. Put meat in another stewpan, stir sour cream and flour with some water to thicken Goulash gravy, pour over meat and maintain a boiling for 5 minutes.

Suggestion: Goulash may be prepared and warmed up without any quality loss.

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