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There are two explanations for this term:

One story holds that a Herr Schöberl, who was court cook, invented this speciality we put in soups. The second explanation comes from an old calendar, in which this soup variant is recommended for the “Monday meal”. Here, “the baked good composed for this soup is put into the oven with a quick shove (“Schub”), and is therefore known as “Schöberl”. In Vienna, as already mentioned, particularly fine things are ennobled with the prefix “Kaiser-”, and here this results in the term “Kaiserschöberl”.

Recipe for 6–8 portions

60 g butter
3 eggs
80 g flour
2 tbsp. milk
a pinch of salt

Whisk the butter until foamy, then add egg yellow, milk and flour one after the other and stir together well. Beat 3 egg whites to a stiff foam and fold this in. Spread the mass finger-thick onto a buttered baking tin which has been lightly dusted with flour, and bake in the oven at high heat for around 10 minutes. After cooling, cut into rhombus shapes.

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