High above the rooftops of Vienna

High above the rooftops - 'Das Schick' Restaurant Vienna

Enjoy Austrian and Mediterranean specialities at the Schick Restaurant Vienna

The cuisine, ambiance and menu follow a creative concept. The highest quality food and beverages are waiting for you at this restaurant in Vienna. Experience exquisite service and a breathtaking view of the Austrian capital at the restaurant ‘Das Schick’ – an unforgettable holiday highlight.

Decorations of Restaurant "Das Schick":


Austrian cuisine in the restaurant ,,Das Schick''
Your restaurant Das Schick with view


Restaurant in Vienna: Experience the History of Indulgence

Austria and Spain share a common history and enjoy a special relationship. The world famous Spanish Riding School is testimony to this relationship.

A Restaurant in Vienna – Where Austria and Spain Meet

In the course of the renovation works in the year 2010 of restaurant 'Himmelsstube’, a completely new restaurant concept was created which is bound to enchant you. The foundation of this concept is the interplay between the Austrian and Spanish cuisines. Experience Mediterranean specialities that are barely known outside Spain. Indulge in an exquisite meal accompanied by excellent Austrian and Spanish wines and sparkling wines, high above the rooftops of Vienna.

'Das Schick’ – your restaurant in Vienna: a creative innovation at the heart of the Austrian capital. Book your table today. Schick Hotels look forward to bidding you welcome at restaurant ‘Das Schick’ at the Hotel Am Parkring.

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