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The Viennese Das Schick Restaurant at the boutique hotel Am Parkring proudly looks back on several accolades. Das Schick Restaurant is a favourite with restaurant critics; 85 points by Falstaff and 15 out of 20 points by Gault Millau. 

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Restaurant Das Schick in 1010 Wien "Chef Felix Albiez celebrates here a cuisine using Austrian and Spanish premium products. The view from the 12th floor of Hotel Am Parkring is sensational."
“A substantial reason for a visit here, the sommelier with his natural wine treasures, was no longer there when we visited; his talents led him elsewhere. Nonetheless, dining here is a real treat. While there may be alternatives when it comes to stylistic confidence, even aesthetically demanding people will get along well here: The view from the twelfth floor is splendid. Felix Albiez presents a highly contemporary version of Spanish-Austrian fusion cuisine, buttressed by top products such as carabineros. Even the compliments from the kitchen pass for full-blown dishes – due not so much to their size as to the perfection with which they are made: a tiny burger, for instance, or an intricately seasoned prawn tartar. Langostino with watermelon and fermented garlic is one of the courses in which everything is just right, as is also the case with the egg yolks with alpine cheese, morels and pata negra. Pickled yellow-fin mackerel is combined with miso ice cream and sheatfish liver. Even molecular techniques are not alien to the chef – greetings from Spain’s avant garde – who always implements them to advantage. An outstanding performance, and at startlingly low prices at that.”
2 stars with 72 points

"This small restaurant boasting a grand view is located on the twelfth floor of the hotel on the Viennese Parkring from which it takes its name, and can be accessed via the elevator which lies beyond the reception area. The carpet and comfortable furnishings are reminiscent of the flair seen in the late 1990s, while the Spanish roots of the German chef can be clearly traced in almost all of the dishes. And no half measures are taken here, with sea urchins, caviar, truffles, saffron, morels, duck liver, crayfish, scallops and so on available, and all for reasonable prices. Nevertheless, you’re occasionally left with the feeling that a little less on the plate might make a greater impression in some cases. We tried the yellow fin mackerel with miso ice-cream, cucumber, catfish liver and char caviar, finding the fish to be excellent and the miso ice-cream the perfect accompaniment. The best dish on the menu was the sweetbread with egg yolk, lovage, mushrooms and pata negra. The fish was cooked to perfection in the line-caught red mullet with saffron, mussels, wild asparagus and paella rice balls, yet the plate was congested overall. The wine list draws primarily on Spain and Austria, while there is also a good selection of natural wines."


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