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The team at "Das Schick" is very proud to present another special review. Gerasimos Kavalieres convinced with his cuisine and was rewarded by a third "Haube" in autumn 2019.

"The concept is Austro-Iberian, the cook Greek, the products luxurious: what could possibly go wrong? The first course (pickled brown trout with green asparagus, Ibérico pork cracklings and sea urchin ice cream) for starters: the highly aromatic ingredients in this ensemble don’t play together so much as side by side; each is excellent, but there is no common goal, and one is reminded of Real Madrid. The second course, goose liver praline in red beet dust with apple, marinated hibiscus flowers and gilded macadamia nut is going in the direction of the early Red Bull Salzburg soccer club: promising, but there is something missing (a new idea, for instance). The crystal-clear flavors of a razor clam tartare with crispy chicken oysters and pea velouté that follow provide the first goal. Now we’re definitely heading towards the Champions League. The main course is equally masterful: two stages of white veal (fillet and short loin Backfleisch) with leek tortilla, dark jus and summer truffle. And the finale: a classic of salted caramel ice cream, buttery chocolate cake and marinated strawberries. The result: a draw.”

A la Carte - 2 stars with 72 points

"This small restaurant boasting a grand view is located on the twelfth floor of the hotel on the Viennese Parkring from which it takes its name, and can be accessed via the elevator which lies beyond the reception area. The carpet and comfortable furnishings are reminiscent of the flair seen in the late 1990s, while the Spanish roots of the German chef can be clearly traced in almost all of the dishes. And no half measures are taken here, with sea urchins, caviar, truffles, saffron, morels, duck liver, crayfish, scallops and so on available, and all for reasonable prices. Nevertheless, you’re occasionally left with the feeling that a little less on the plate might make a greater impression in some cases. We tried the yellow fin mackerel with miso ice-cream, cucumber, catfish liver and char caviar, finding the fish to be excellent and the miso ice-cream the perfect accompaniment. The best dish on the menu was the sweetbread with egg yolk, lovage, mushrooms and pata negra. The fish was cooked to perfection in the line-caught red mullet with saffron, mussels, wild asparagus and paella rice balls, yet the plate was congested overall. The wine list draws primarily on Spain and Austria, while there is also a good selection of natural wines."


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