High above the rooftops of Vienna

Das Schick – customised … the romantic proposal

How to make a proposal?

Women are romantic, but I'm a controller and romance is not one of my core competences. This doesn't mean that I don't love my wife, but in order to meet her romantic expectations I need the support of experts. 

Marriage proposal above the rooftops of Vienna
Marriage proposal at Das Schick

What it was all about: my wife has not always been my wife and there was a day when I wanted to ask her if she wants to be my wife. 

You can order romance 

Pure stress – with shining eyes she had always told me about proposal in hot air balloons, on mountain tops, on Venetian gondolas, etc. Would she only be disappointed or actually say “NO”, if I didn't manage to organise the perfect proposal? 

A proposal service with romance support 

I told a married friend about my pickle and he nodded in a very understanding way - “Yep, yep, I hear you! Thin ice, my friend! But I will tell you a secret – you can delegate romance!”

He told me about a service with which you could land the perfect proposal with a “romance support”. “Das Schick” on Wiener Ringstraße high above Vienna's rooftops offers these services and made a reservation for the best table for me as well as preparing a great meal. The table was beautifully decorated with the favourite flowers of my future wife and they even provided us with our favourite champagne. They would even have baked a brioche with the engagement ring in it, but that sounded a little bit too complicated to me. 

Romantic dinner and surprise overnight stay 

I had secretly packed my wife's toothbrush and vanity bag and had booked a room in the Hotel Am Parkring. I surprised my future wife with the booking during the dinner and on the terrace of our room, with views over Vienna, I then asked the questions of all questions. I mean – it doesn't get more romantic than this!

And – she said “YES” and excitedly told all her friends about the proposal. I will be forever grateful for my friend's advise and for the help I got at “Das Schick” and at Hotel Am Parkring. Soon we will celebrate a little christening reception there.

Order your proposal package here. 

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