Taste Vienna's history

World famous Viennese cuisine

There is so much more than just Wiener Schnitzel waiting for you

Viennese cuisine presents itself multi-faceted and is definitely not to be reduced to the world-famous classic Wiener Schnitzel. 

Viennese cuisine at Restaurant Stefanie
Typical Viennese delicacies await you!

What constitutes true Viennese cuisine? 

First, Vienna is one of the few cities that can actually offer its very own cuisine. In the culinary world it is considered to be autonomous even if there are undeniable parallels to the Austrian cuisine. The origins of Viennese cuisine's uniqueness go back to the historic development of Vienna: the Danube metropolis used to be Europe's centre of power for centuries.

People from the whole Habsburg empire came to the city to live and work here. In this melting pot of cultures and cuisines a whole new cuisine evolved – Viennese cuisine.

All Crown lands of the former Habsburg Monarchy influenced the Viennese cuisine. Goulash comes from Hungary, the pastries and desserts like “Kaiserschmarrn” had their origins in Bohemia, even the Siege of Vienna by the Turks left its traces – what would the Viennese coffee house culture of today be without coffee and the crescent-shaped croissant “Kipferl”.

The Viennese cuisine's classic is without a doubt the Wiener Schnitzel, which is originally made with veal.

“Tafelspitz” - prime boiled beef - and goulash are also specialties you should not miss out on.

It is not possible to imagine Viennese culinary landscapes without the sweet temptations like Kaiserschmarrn, sweet dumplings or sumptuous cakes like the famous chocolate Sacher torte.

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