Indulgence meets comfort

2 for 1 beer happy hour – at Wiener Wirtschaft

A relaxed start to your evening

“Indulgence meets cosiness” is the motto at Wiener Wirtschaft and the word got about. In the informal and casual atmosphere the restaurant team will indulge you  - with seasonal, traditional and classic Viennese pub cuisine and the right drinks for all your meals, like Viennese beer, Austrian wine and much more. 

Beer specialities at the restaurant Wiener Wirtschaft
Beer specialities from Austria

Order 2 – pay for 1

Beer plays an important role at “Wiener Wirtschaft” - it perfectly goes with most of the pub food. Several beers are offered on tap, like “Ottakringer Gold Fassl Spezial”, “Ottakringer Zwickl”, “Ottakringer Dunkles” or “Ottakringer Gemischtes”.

A special highlight for beer drinkers is the “beer happy hour”, perfect to unwind when the day's work is done. From Monday to Saturday from 5pm to 6pm you will enjoy your preferred beer(s) according to the “order 2 – pay for 1” motto – so order two beers for you and your friend and only pay of one or drink both of them yourself, whatever your fancy more!

Austrian beer is part of the Viennese cuisine

At Wiener Wirtschaft most hearty and savoury meals, like goulash, are best enjoyed with a lovely pint of beer. All beers are provided by the Ottakringer brewery – a Viennese family business just like the Schick Hotels, that is known for its quality. All beers are available as “Pfiff” (0.2l), “Seidel” (0.3l) and “Halbe” (0.5l).

Beer history

In this neck of the woods the art of brewery enjoyed its first heyday in the Middle Ages, a time when monks were the people who proved to be truly the best master brewers. It was only in the 11th century, when bourgeoisie took over businesses from the aristocrats, that the first non-clerical breweries emerged.

Beer became the everyday beverage of the farmers and workers as well as of rich merchants. The art of brewery was especially flourishing in Bohemia, where beer has been the favourite beverage ever since. From there beer started its triumph and soon became popular in Bavaria and Austria. An act from 1212 states that from then on it was legally allowed to import beer to Vienna.

Pub culture since 1384

Already in the 14th century public houses (“Wirtshaus”) could be found in Austria and in 1384 a Viennese brewery was first mentioned in a document.

Read more interesting historic facts in the blog of our “Schick Seitenblicke” online magazine - “Viennese beer” part 1, part 2 and part 3. Enjoy your read – why not with a beer by your side?

Make a reservation for your table at Wiener Wirtschaft and enjoy the beer happy hour with friends! 

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