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Goulash at Wiener Wirtschaft

Classical & seasonal

At Wiener Wirtschaft, the friendly restaurant in the 4th district, goulash-lovers get value for their money. Try the classic and typical beef goulash or the seasonal variation.

The history of Gulyás

Goulash at Wiener Wirtschaft
Goulash deliciacies in Vienna

Unlike any other meal, Gulyás has inspired Vienna’s or Austria’s cooks to create a plethora of variations. The dish and the word ‘gulyás’ hail from Hungary. ‘Gulyá’ means herd of cattle and, derived there from, ‘Gulyás’ = cowherd. The meal prepared in a kettle by cowherds is called in Hungarian ‘gulyás hus’ (‘hus’ – meat), brief ‘gulyás’. The borrowed German word ‘Gulasch’ was added to the German vocabulary through its use in Austria.

The history of Goulash is closely connected with that of paprika. In the Duden and etymological dictionaries ‘Gulasch’ has till now been translated by ‘pepper meat’. In addition, it’s important to know that paprika was also called Hungarian pepper. Two words or ‘institutions’ are remarkable with regard to ‘Goulash’: the one is the ‘Goulashkanone’, jokingly used for the field kitchen, the other the name of a Viennese restaurant which normally opens at midnight and keeps night-revellers awake till dawn with a warm and hot goulash; Viennese people call this establishment a ‘goulash hut’.

You want to try this deliciacy while you stay in Vienna? Make a reservation for your table in the cozy restaurant Wiener Wirtschaft.

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