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Stag party

How to say goodbye to life as a bachelor

I will never forget my wedding, but neither my stag do. I was one of the last to get married and actually wanted to marry my wife short and sweet and with only a couple of friends, but her plans were different. She wanted the big fairytale wedding and so it didn't take long until everyone knew that we would soon change our relationship status. It didn't take long either until my friends were knocking on my door, anticipating my stag party, something they took quite seriously. 

We all went to university together and so it was clear that we would start the evening at our old student bars, reminiscing the old days, mourn our youth - “for a good base” for the rest of the night! 

Reminiscing with friends 

We went to Wiener Wirtschaft and remembered the student discounts, what meals had the biggest portions and who could drink the most beer. All nostalgic, we realised that good food stays on your hips more the older you get, but it was all still ever so delicious.

From a certain age on you like to rely on consistency, like the fact that you still get the traditional classic meals when you go to your old regular restaurants. A couple of lovely beers and the 3-version Goulash were, as we found out later, a good base for the “exams” that were still to come. I had to guess different beers, taste many shots of Schnapps and all of our student pranks were remembered, no matter how embarrassing. A great evening, and looking back now, I'm more than happy that my friends persuaded me to do it. The relationship status may be different now, but cosy Wiener Wirtschaft should have landmark status. 

Celebrate a big wedding 

Our wedding reception at Hotel Stefanie was more civilised, festive and romantic. A gorgeous venue, a perfect wedding reception and I actually did quickly learn how to dance a waltz. My wife was happy and if she's happy, I'm happy. It is a pity that we only celebrate these big parties on certain occasions. We should get together more often and chink our glasses to life and those who are close to us. My wife was right (she mostly is and I've gotten used to it now): my stag do as well as my wedding became two of my biggest memories in life. 

Christian P., Vienna

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