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Tapas Lunch at Das Schick

The shortest possible Vienna tour

From July 2nd - Sep. 2nd, 2018, the restaurant "Das Schick" is closed at lunch time, but open for dinner from 6:00 to 10:30 pm.. 
We are looking forward to welcome you to the Tapas Lunch again starting September 3rd, 2017!

Tapas Lunch at Das Schick
Tapas Lunch at Das Schick

The perfect host for business guests in Vienna 

Finding the perfect balance of professional negotiations and hospitality obligations is not always an easy task. I have found the solution to good client relations, one that is always such a success that regular business partners demand the same programme every time they visit. 

“Please let us go to 'Das Schick' again!” 

“Das Schick” is located on the 12th floor of the Gartenbau skyscraper on Parkring and is an awarded restaurant with premium Austrian cuisine and a touch of Spain.

Enjoy the delicious "Tapas Lunch"  - completely to your taste:

Order each tapa(s) separately
or as

"Combinación de las Tapas"
with 3 Tapas of your choice for € 29,-


A preview:


Escabeche of vegetables
P.X. sherry vinegar . asparagus . quail's egg (C,O)

Jamón Serrano „Gran Reserva“ . 100 g

Ceviche of Eveline Bach-tomatoes
yellow fin mackerel . coriander . chilli (D,F,O)

Shaped duck liver
mango . macadamia nut . tonka bean-brioche (A,C,G,H)

Potato-goat's cheese dumpling
spinach . spring truffle (A,C,G,L,O)

Pimientos de Padrón

Wild-caught prawn
water melon . fermented garlic (A,B,C,G,H,M)

Bonito sprinkles . Ibérico lardo . wild asparagus (B,D,G,L,O,R)

Fresh asparagus "Marchfeld"
mountain cheese-crumble . Pata Negra . spume of nut butter (A,C,G,H,L,O)

Red mullet
ragout of mussels . passepierre (D,G,H,L,O,R)

Calamares fritos
calamansi aioli (A,D,G,H,R)

Organic "Tafelspitz" sous-vide
Rioja jus . shallot cream . black morels . asparagus (G,L,O)


Cover charge/Lunch: € 3,- per person

Tapas Lunch - Download:

Tapas Lunch - all tapas (18.7 KiB)

Tapas - little history

Tapas (in Spanish: „to cover“)  are in Spanish cuisine appetizers or snacks, which are served as accompaniment with wine, beer, sherry and port.

Though the primary meaning of tapa is cover, it has in Spain also become a term for this style of food. The origin is uncertain but there are several theories:

Some believe the tapas tradition began when king Alfonso X of Castile recovered from an illness by drinking wine with small dishes between the main meals. After regaining his health, the king ordered that taverns would not be allowed to serve wine unless it was accompanied by a small snack or "tapa".

As mentioned above, a commonly cited explanation is that an item, be it bread or a flat card, etc., would often be placed on top of a drink to protect it from fruit flies. At some point it became a habit to top this "cover" with a snack.

Tapas Lunch at "Das Schick" - Monday to Friday (except holidays and July and August) from 12:00 a.m. to 03:00 p.m..

Aperitif with views over Vienna 

This is where we invite our guests to a Tapas lunch and after we order we take the aperitif on the smokers' terrace on the 13th floor where we enjoy 360° views over all Viennese sights – the shortest possible Vienna tour.

I like to believe that the wide views and the many perspectives have a positive influence on the negotiations. The delicious food and the good service do the rest. 

Reserve your table online at Das Schick restaurant Vienna.

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