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Family Sunday Dinners

What a restaurant can do for your family life

The family life has changed in our generation – the full-time working housewife, that cooked three times a day and set the table becomes extinct. Even the kind of meals, when the whole family would gather around the table at a certain time of the day, are a thing of the past. 

Family today

Dining with the whole family at Restaurant Stefanie in Vienna
Nice atmosphere for your family dinner

I'm married with 2 two teenage children and my husband and I both work full-time. Our children pursue various leisure activities, my husband is away a lot and we hardly ever have lunch or dinner as a family.

It's a constant coming and going and we just take something from the fridge and heat it in the microwave. We don't really set the table; the “snacks” are eaten in front of the TV, while standing in front of the fridge or in the children's rooms.

No signs of dining culture anymore. 

Gather the family for a Sunday dinner 

Because this bothers me, I have introduced a new family tradition. Every Sunday evening we all go to the restaurant together. In the cosy atmosphere and without any cooking stress we just chat about the past and upcoming weeks. 

Teenagers are very picky restaurant guests 

Everyone orders what they like best (teenagers are very prone to change their “nutrition kick” on a weekly basis) but then everyone tries each other's meals, desserts are shared and my daughter flirts a little bit with the waiter. At the moment my son is riding the vegan wave and my daughter tries to lose weight again. I don't really want to start imagining what it would be like having to meet all their special wishes in my own kitchen. 

Every culinary wish will be fulfilled 

At Restaurant Stefanie this is no problem at all. The waiters patiently take all the food and drink orders and note special wishes for side dishes, dressing, etc. They also gladly tell us about the ingredients' origins – my children are very critical consumers. 

Only a few restaurants in Vienna offer Sunday dinners 

Because only a few restaurants in Vienna are open on Sunday evenings, we were very excited to secure our regular table at Hotel Stefanie's restaurant. This Sunday tradition has definitely enhanced the communication within our family.

Brigitte H., family woman from Vienna 

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