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Schönbrunn Castle and Vienna Zoo

Visit the animals in the zoo during your winter holidays in Vienna

Panda at Zoo Schönbrunn
Zoo Schönbrunn

One of Europe’s most beautiful palaces and the world’s oldest zoo: it is no surprise that Schönbrunn is one of the greatest attractions for visitors from all over the world. Step into the former imperial castle, the vast castle park and into the world of animals.

Tiergarten Schönbrunn – the oldest zoo in the world

Without doubt, Schönbrunn is one of the most beautiful zoos in Europe. With more than 480 species and more than 4.600 animals in total you will surely spend an interesting, informative and enjoyable time. Many of the animals also show themselves in winter outside their shelters, others can be visited in one of the different houses:

  • Aquarium and Terrarium House
  • Rainforest House
  • Desert House
  • Polar House
  • Insectarium

Opening hours and entrance fees

The zoo is open every day from 9 am to 4:30 pm in winter (November to January) and from February onwards from 9 am to 5 pm.

  • Adults: 16,50 €
  • Children, teenagers and reduced: 8 €

If you are looking for something very special you will be successful after the zoo has closed its gates: Spend a classy evening with the “Aqua Dinner” at the Aquarium House. Sitting among the various aquariums, you enjoy an exclusive, tropical meal and watch the rare inhabitants of the water world up close.

Schönbrunn Castle in Vienna in winter

Once situated at the gates of Vienna, today in the center of the grown city: The former imperial castle and the whole site is UNESCO World Cultural Heritage, which is not surprising when you walk through the magnificent halls. Do not miss the gigantic garden with the Gloriette on any account. The palace grounds can be visited for free during the opening hours.

A special highlight is the Schönbrunn Winter Pass. You can purchase it in the palace, in the zoo, in the Palm and Desert House and in the Wagenburg museum from November to March. Pass holders do not only get a bargain rate but also a guided tour through the palace without waiting time and a single entrance to all the attractions that are included in the Schönbrunn Winter Pass:

  • Grand guided tour with audio guide
  • Highlight round tour through the zoo
  • Desert house
  • Palm house
  • Wagenburg with its carriages, sleighs and sedan chairs from the imperial fleet

You get more information on the Schönbrunn Winter Pass at the visitor information website of Schönbrunn Castle.

Opening hours and entrance fees at Schönbrunn Castle

„Imperial Tour“ with Audioguide or Tour map:

  • Adults: 10,50 €
  • Students, People with disabilities: 9,50 €
  • Children: 7,50 €

Experience the zoo, the castle park and of course the castle itself during a winter trip to Vienna. Find your accommodation at the city center with one of the Schick HotelsBook directly online and visit Schönbrunn also during the cold season.

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