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The Vienna Music Club

Concerts in Vienna which have world-level

Since they founded the club 200 years ago and especially since the construction of the music-club-building next to the Karlsplatz, they queue up with the world best concerts halls and do have nearly daily top class performances.

The history of the Vienna music-club

The “music friends society in Vienna” – also called the Vienna music-club – has been founded from Josef Sonnleithner in 1812, Sonnleithner who also composed the Libretto of Beethovens “Fidelio”. Frequently held concerts, have been organized the first time in 1831. The concert hall with 700 seats is located at the Tuchlauben 12. They realized quite fast, that the concert hall will be too small, as a matter of fact that the success was so huge as well as the un of the visitors. The empire Franz Josef did give as a present the location of the now a day concert hall, this took place in 1857. After that, the rearrangement of the music-club took place. The result was impressive: as from then, between the music-place and the Karlsplatz have been build up two buildings with two huge halls, they belong up till now to the best acoustic buildings  which still can be constructed nowadays: this includes the big-hall, which is also named Goldener Saal and the Kammermusiksaal, since 1937 called Brams Saal.

Concerts which have world reputation

People, who adore classical music, have to stick on to the Vienna music-club in Vienna. Nearly daily classical concerts take place, the program you can read like a parade of the famous composers, the best of the best orchestras and well-respected soloists.

Unique acoustics

Last but not least the Goldener Saal got his honor from the architect Theophil von Hansen. At the construction period the acoustics aspects haven’t been researched that much. Nevertheless did von Hansen manage, sometimes paired with fortune, to rise up a hall unique in clear acoustics

Also in the opened up 2004 halls, concerts, congresses and presentations still take place on a regular basis. Don’t miss out this unique part of Vienna and experience the world class of music at the Vienna music-club. Book your room today and secure your holiday in one of our 5 central located Schick Hotels which are in closeness of the music-club-building.

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