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Vienna to Go

Get your Vienna souvenir here!

“Vienna to Go” is now available at the Schick Hotels.

We’re opening our Schick Shop, in which you can purchase selected Vienna themes as posters, or you can get a cuddly Schick teddy bear. It’s a memento of a great trip to Vienna, a gift for a loved one who perhaps stayed at home, or just for you because you like it!

You don’t even have to have been here – although we’d highly recommend it, since Vienna is a grand and beautiful city well worth seeing. Nonetheless, we’d also be happy to send you the desired items by mail.

By the way, you can also find the photo themes in the rooms of our Hotel Capricorno. They were shot by hotel director and hobby photographer Peter Buocz.

Find all items available for purchase here:

POSTER EURO 14,90 / piece

Stephansdom Stephansdom Stephansdom Stephansdom

St.Stephen's Cathedral - the emblem of Vienna.
upright format 30x90 cm in 3 colours "Steffl-blue", "Steffl-yellow", "Steffl-red"
landscape format 76x50 cm "Steffl in Vienna"
packed in a mailing tube


Viennese "Riesenrad" (giant Ferris Wheel) at the "Prater"
upright format 30x90 cm "Riesenrad-red"
packed in a mailing tube

Johann Strauss Denkmal

Johann Strauß memorial at the Viennese municipal park
upright format 30x90 cm "Strauss-golden"
packed in a mailing tube

TEDDY - 15,-- EURO

Teddy bear
sitting about 18 cm high
imprint "I 'love'"

Mailing expenses: inside Austria EURO 5,-- (small format), EURO 13,-- (bigger format)
to Germany starting from EURO 30,--

Orders please directly via e-mail to:
Tel: +43 1 21150 428

Charging only with a valdid credit-card.
All rates incl. taxes.

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