High above the roof tops of Vienna

The Schick Hotels’ Boutique Hotel in Vienna

The boutique hotel with the best outlook in downtown Vienna: Hotel Am Parkring

The Hotel Am Parkring calls itself a boutique hotel. What does that mean for you as a guest and why is a boutique just right for you?

What distinguishes a boutique hotel?

Boutique hotel with view over Vienna
Boutique hotel with view over Vienna

If you search the internet for “boutique hotel,” the term is described as: “personally managed, individual, small and not infrequently luxurious hotels” – a description definitely echoed in the Hotel Am Parkring. The hotel, located on the upper three floors of the tallest building on Vienna’s Ringstrasse, is family-owned, manageable in size with its 55 rooms, offers that “little bit extra” in terms of service than one might expect, and the view over the city’s rooftops from all the rooms and suites is truly unique.

The word “boutique” originally derives from the French and means “little shop.” Just as fashion boutiques with their exclusive selections and personal consultation set themselves apart from the big fashion companies, boutique hotels similarly distance themselves consciously from major international hotel chains and focus on personalized, perfect service and personality.

Staying in a boutique hotel

The right choice for your stay.
Fits perfectly - the Boutique Hotel Am Parkring

An oasis of calm, jewel or jewelry box, unique, small, fine, personally managed or charming: Guests who appreciate these words and characteristics will feel good in a boutique hotel such as the Hotel Am Parkring.

In addition, the Hotel Am Parkring’s excellent location underscores the boutique hotel description. All rooms and suites, as well as the exclusive restaurant – awarded two Gault Millau toques – are located on the 11th, 12th and 13th floors of the tallest building in the grandiose Ringstrasse that encircles historic Vienna. The view of the magnificent downtown, over the trees of the adjacent Stadtpark and, in good weather, beyond the city limits, is something truly special.

Moreover, the majority of the rooms offer a terrace or balcony, and you can share your joy with your friends via internet using the fast WLAN connection from sunrise to sunset.

As a guest, you’ll be a familiar face here. You’ll find peace and privacy and everywhere support for making your stay even more pleasant – at the Hotel Am Parkring and in Vienna, the world’s most livable city.

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