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Ice skating in Vienna

Ice skating spots in the capital of Austria

Eislaufen in Wien
Eislaufen in der Stadt

When the continental winter has taken over Vienna it's time to discover the many natural ice skating facilities and ice rinks. Put on your shoes, step on the slippery surface and slide over the sparkling ice rinks - in the centre of Vienna.

Blue skies, sunshine and temperatures under zero degrees Celsius: the winter shows itself in Vienna from its most beautiful side. The metropolis on the Danube is often covered by a soft white blanket of snow in February. Time to discover the many different facilities for ice skating in Vienna.

Ice skating in Vienna: natural ice skating facilities

When the continental cold has frozen the water of the Danube it will not be long before the ice is thick enough for ice skating in Vienna. This 1.6 square kilometre natural ice rink on the Danube can be reached quickly via the underground lines.

Indoor and outdoor ice skating fun in Vienna

Ice skating in Vienna is a great opportunity to get active and have some healthy exercise during your winter holidays in Austria's capital. The many outdoor and indoor ice skating rinks in Vienna are yours to conquer: of course ice skates can be rented on location:

  • Wiener Eislaufverein - Vienna ice skating club
  • Engelmann Ice rink
  • Albert Schultz indoor ice rink
  • Ice rink of the Vienna Stadthalle 
  • Windtenstrasse / Eisring Sued Ice rink
  • Museums Quartier outdoor ice rink
  • 'Wiener Eistraum' ice rink at the Rathausplatz / Vienna City Hall

'Wiener Eistraum' - A Viennese Ice Dream: ice skating at the city hall in Vienna 

From the charming Schick Hotels in the centre of Vienna you can reach the 'Wiener Eistraum' within only a few minutes. In front of the Vienna City Hall from January 22nd to March 1st 2020 you will find one of the most beautiful ice rinks in Vienna. After you have had a joyous time ice skating in Vienna you can dine at the Schick Restaurants and enjoy a relaxed night's sleep at one of the charming Schick Hotels during your winter holidays in Austria.

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