Eco-friendly living at the Schick Hotels

The Schick Hotels have the Austrian eco-label for tourism

With the application for the Austrian eco-label Dr. Martin Schick and his team wanted to set an example to show that they take their responsibility for the environment seriously and that they constantly strive to achieve improvements in all areas in order to preserve a beautiful and healthy natural environment for future generations.

Logo of the Austrian eco-label
The Austrian eco-label

Since 2013, all five Schick Hotels have held the Austrian Eco-Label for tourism companies. 2017 the assessment for extending this certification brought with it new guidelines. Every one of the 227 “must have” and “ought to have” points had to be checked scrupulously and the environmental concepts had to be reworked for each individual hotel. In summer 2017 the assessments have been passed successfully and all Schick Hotels were awarded the Eco-Label from the Austrian Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management.

Back in 2013 during the preparation period we were pleased to see that most of the required criteria had already been fulfilled, as during the refurbishment we had already focused on quality and sustainability in the cooperation with our suppliers. This covered the purchase of fair trade and organic products and products by local suppliers as well as professional energy consultation and the conscience usage and dosage of cleaning products.

Service station for electric cars at Hotel Stefanie
Service station for electric cars at Hotel Stefanie

A sign for the environment

In recent years, many points from the environmental program we took on ourselves were “checked off.” Further improvements followed or were incorporated in our action programme in order to consider them with future investments.

Find here some points that have been changed in preparation for the eco-label 2017:

  • Purchasing 100% free-range eggs
  • Expansion of purchasing organic products
  • Replaced light bulbs with LED lamps
  • Changing of façade lighting to LED over the course of reconstruction and façade renovations
  • Installation of flow controllers in the taps
  • Ordering print forms from a printer with Eco-Label certification
  • Reducing print forms via the use of recyclable USB sticks
  • Recycling of shower gel bottles for a good purpose (nonprofit organization e.motion/Lichtblickhof)
  • Sponsoring of the Arche Noah foundation for crop diversity

Austrian eco-label for tourism

The Austrian eco-label for tourism is a quality seal for high ecological standards, quality and social engagement and has been standing for high quality of living and environment since 1990. It is valid for four years and is checked by an independent report. It is only given to hotels that not only meet the comprehensive ecological criteria but also various other requirements like appropriate usage or quality. The guidelines are constantly updated in order to sustainably guarantee high quality standards.

The test involves the following areas:

  • General environmental management
  • Energy
  • Water
  • Waste
  • Air & noise
  • Office & purchase
  • Cleaning
  • Building & living
  • Food
  • Traffic
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