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Photo of St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna

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Meetings at the Schick Hotels

The Schick seminar hotels in Vienna - Perfect for every requirement

Choose from five event rooms in one of the three Schick seminar hotels in Vienna - Hotel Stefanie, Hotel Am Parkring and Hotel Erzherzog Rainer - the one that suits you best. Whether it's a small meeting in a personal ambience, a success-oriented seminar or a large congress with more than 100 participants: In the Schick Seminarhotels in Vienna you will find the most suitable rooms for your requirements.

Your conference in Vienna with up to 120 participants is in good hands at the Hotel Stefanie in the second district. Four seminar and event rooms inspire with imperial flair and charming atmosphere. The Stefanie restaurant takes care of the physical well-being of your participants during the entire conference in Vienna.

The elegant seminar room "El Panorama" at the Hotel Am Parkring is located on the 11th floor. Nurture your conversations while enjoying the breathtaking view over the rooftops of Vienna. Up to 36 conference participants will appreciate this extraordinary conference venue - as well as the delicacies in the hotel's own restaurant Das Schick.

The Hotel Erzherzog Rainer is located in the urban fourth district of Vienna. Up to 40 participants of your conference in Vienna will feel comfortable in its elegant salon. Daylight creates an active working atmosphere - and during the breaks, the down-to-earth, seasonal delicacies of Viennese inn cuisine in the Wiener Wirtschaft provide culinary delights.

To ensure that the participants at your event in your seminar hotel in Vienna really feel at home, the restaurants of the Schick Hotels cater for their physical well-being throughout the day. A suitable social programme rounds off a successful seminar day in Vienna.


Hotel Stefanie & Restaurant Stefanie

The Hotel Stefanie is the most historic and traditional of all Schick hotels. Accordingly, world-famous, traditional Viennese cuisine awaits you in the Restaurant Stefanie. In Vienna's 2nd district "Leopoldstadt" you can hold your conference or seminar in a quiet and central location. The convenient transport connections are particularly practical.

Club room in the Hotel Stefanie
The modern Clubraum function room at the four-star Hotel Stefanie in Vienna


  • Area: 34 m² without anteroom; 54 m² with anteroom
  • Dimensions: 8.5 m x 4 m (club room) and 5.5 m x 3.5 m (anteroom); height 2.75 m
  • Daylight, darkening possible
  • modern board room equipment & elegant break room
  • air conditioning
Seminar room with sofa armchairs, TV, carpeting and bookshelves
A special highlight: the Bibliothek seminar room


  • Area: 45 m²
  • Area: 7.5 x 6 m
  • Location: ground floor
  • Blackout possible
  • air conditioning
NUMBER OF PERSONS 16 20 16 30 bis 20 40
View of the seminar room with lots of chairs and tables in the Hotel Stefanie
Restaurant Stefanie - Konferenzsaal


  • Area: 156 m²
  • Dimensions: 12 x 13 m
  • Daylight from both sides
  • Anteroom, cloakroom
  • Own sanitary facilities
NUMBER OF Person 32 42 30 72 120 60 30 bis 60 120

Hotel Am Parkring & Restaurant Das Schick

In the restaurant Das Schick, the gourmet restaurant on the top floor of the Hotel Am Parkring, you literally meet above the rooftops of Vienna. There are no limits to your creativity and ideas for your seminar or conference.

Conference room with panorama over the roofs of Vienna
Conference room with view at Hotel Am Parkring

El Panorama:

  • Area: 52 m²
  • Dimensions: 10 x 5.2 m
  • Daylight from one side
  • Blackout possible
  • Air conditioning
NUMBER OF PERSONS bis 36 bis 40 bis 40

Hotel Erzherzog Rainer & Restaurant Wiener Wirtschaft

The Wiener Wirtschaft restaurant has a particularly rustic ambience and dates back to the K.u.K. Time. Specifically the pub garden, typically "Viennese" place is popular in summer.

View into the seminar room of the Viennese economy
Restaurant Wiener Wirtschaft - Salon


  • Area: 60 m²
  • Dimensions: 12 x 5 m
  • Daylight from one side
  • Darkening possible
  • Air conditioning
Personenanzahl 24 bis 36 bis 36 bis 40
Photo of the 'Serviette' conference room in the Viennese economy
Restaurant Wiener Wirtschaft - "Serviette"


  • Area: 85 m²
  • Dimensions: 13 x 7 m
  • Height 4,5 m
  • Location: ground floor
  • Air conditioning
NUMBER OF PERSONS bis 22 bis 50 bis 80

In the centre of the cosmopolitan city - Schick Seminarhotels Vienna

Find out in detail about the wide range of events offered by the Schick Seminarhotels in Vienna. For events beyond the scope of the Schick Seminarhotels in Vienna (200 people), we recommend the representative rooms of the Hofburg Wien, of which the Schick Hotels are shareholders.

Due to the current situation, in addition to hygiene measures, there are guidelines to be observed at celebrations so that sufficient distance is guaranteed and you and your guests feel absolutely safe. We are always available to answer any questions you may have and to support you in all matters.

  • Family celebrations are possible for up to 6 people (plus the children).
  • Celebrations with colleagues can be held with allocated seating for up to 50 people.
  • For parties with more than 50 people, also with assigned seating, we offer a Covid-19 prevention concept, so that your event can be held safely and properly even on a larger scale. At our Hotel Stefanie, due to our premises, the total number of participants in a celebration is currently limited to 80 people.
Portrait photo of Jeniffer Nemeth
Your contact person for events and celebrations: Jeniffer Nemeth

Your contact for your events, conferences & celebrations

Schick Banquet Manager Jeniffer Nemeth will be happy to advise you on your unique celebration or conference at Schick Hotels & Restaurants in the heart of Vienna.

Jeniffer Nemeth
Bankett Managerin
Tel: +43 1 211 50 520

Are you looking for a centrally located opportunity to hold your seminar or conference? And in high-quality rooms with top facilities?

Choose an appealing and attractive location for your conference - the charming Schick Hotels Vienna offer the perfect ambience for your successful conference in Vienna.

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