The successful Schick Team

Personal relationship and highest quality

We maintain an appreciative, open relationship with all people, whether they work with us, live with us or eat with us. We enjoy what we do. And we are demanding of ourselves.

"Love the job, family atmosphere, responsible action and personal initiative", there are around 200 employees from around 20 different nationalities working in the Schick businesses. In addition, the fancy (SCHICKe) team has five apprentices who are on their way to becoming skilled workers.

The team at Hotel Stefanie
We take care of your well-being at the Hotel Stefanie

Every single employee and the communication and cooperation of each individual is very important because the authentic and harmonious togetherness conveys a high level of professionalism to our guests and the feeling that they are truly welcome from all sides.

One of our employees says: "Apart from my incredibly great team, delighting my guests is the biggest fun factor."

All departments are interlinked and every single member of staff is an important part of the big picture and for the satisfaction of our guests. And when you are satisfied, then it is really fun!


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