Schick Hotels – a family-run business

Hotel management in the 4th generation

The Schick Hotels are run by the Schick family in already the 4th generation.

Portrait of Dr. Martin Schick
Dr. Martin Schick - hotel management in the 4th generation

In time with time

While the knowledge of perfect hospitality has been passed on from generation to generation, the taking over by the younger generation has always ensured that the Schick Hotels move with the times. 

The consciousness of tradition within a hotel dynasty combined with modern management makes the Schick Hotels unique in Vienna. Today's hotel owner's grandfather was the first to pursue his passion for rare antiques and art pieces – and this proclivity has run in the family for generations.

Using WiFi in the middle of the antiques and watching live football on Sky Sport is not a contradiction at the Schick Hotels. Book your room at one of the family-run Schick Hotels. 

The consciousness of tradition mixed with the fact that the main hotel of the Schick Hotels, the Hotel Stefanie, is the oldest hotel in Vienna, existing already since the year 1600, was the reason to release a book. "Because", the owner says, "History and dates are often quickly pulled out of a hat. We, on the other hand, have the documents and proof of our past.”

Taborstrasse 12 - a biography

The book describes the impressive development of the hotel from the year 1600 to the present day. Intensive research was conducted under the guidance of a historian: Documents were combed through, photographs sorted and many long discussions conducted. The book’s 88 pages contain stories about the building, its surroundings, Vienna in former days as well as the Schick family itself.

The book is available for purchase at the reception in the Hotel Stefanie. At the moment only in German.

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