Hotel Erzherzog Rainer

100 years of Viennese charm

Hotel Stefanie

Over 400 years of tradition in Vienna’s oldest hotel

Hotel Am Parkring

High above the roofs of Vienna

Hotel Capricorno

Life & Style in the city center

5 Exclusive hotels in Vienna
3 Restaurants in Vienna


Hotel City Central

The best breakfast in the best location

Restaurant Stefanie

Taste Vienna's history

Restaurant Das Schick

3-toque enjoyment above the roofs of Vienna

Restaurant Wiener Wirtschaft

Indulgence meets comfort

Hygiene standards Hygiene standards Hygiene standards

Schick Hotels & Restaurants in Vienna

Would you like to be pampered with culinary delights at toque level? Experience traditional Viennese charm? Dine high above the rooftops of Vienna? Enjoy the best breakfast in the most central location? Or experience an unforgettable night in Vienna's oldest hotel? Then Schick Hotels & Restaurants in the Austrian capital is the right place for you. There really is something for every taste - now it's up to you to choose. Find your Schick Hotel and Restaurant in the center of Vienna

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