Over 400 years of tradition in Vienna's oldest hotel

Hotel Stefanie

Traditional “Schick” at one of Vienna's oldest hotels

If you are looking for the traditional Vienna and want to stay at a hotel of “the old school”, the Schick family is looking forward to your visit at Hotel Stefanie. 

A hotel with a long-standing history

Historic picture of Hotel Stefanie
Vienna's oldest hotel

It is the first address when it comes to hotels in Vienna – quite literally. Hotel Stefanie was first mentioned in a document in 1600 – walk on the traces of the imperial Austria at Vienna's oldest hotel and enjoy your stay in the middle of carefully selected period furniture and antiques.

Taborstraße is one of the major access roads to the 2nd district. In former times many travellers stopped here to enjoy a meal, for an overnight stay or to attend their businesses.

One of the accommodations on Taborstraße was “Hotel Weiße Rose”, today's Hotel Stefanie. At that time the Danube was still running through Vienna and the hotel was located close to the river.

In this era something like 4-star comfort was probably hard to find. In remembrance of the wedding of Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria with Princess Stephanie of Belgium the hotel was renamed to “Hotel Stefanie” in 1881. 

Living with tradition and keeping up with the pulse of time 

The team at Hotel Stefanie wants to keep up what was actually good “in the good old times”. On the other hand one wants to offer the guests modern comfort and all amenities that one would expect at a 4-star hotel. WiFi and antiques, SKY TV and a beautiful library can be compatible. 

A member of the team noted that from when he was a child he had always imagined a hotel to look like a beautiful, old house with elegant furnishing and international atmosphere. A Viennese hotel dynasty's feel for tradition combined with a contemporary management is what makes the Schick Hotels in Vienna so unique.

The Schick family has been collecting antiques as well as paintings and sculptures for years and exhibits them at the hotel, which gives it the flair of former eras. A personal selection that guests, who seek individuality, will definitely appreciate. 

Customised service

Feeling well at hotel Stefanie
Feeling well has tradition

At Hotel Stefanie the team puts a lot of thought into how to make your stay as perfect as possible. 

Apart from 4-star comfort, which should be a given at any hotel, there are a lot of other services offered. From the special pillow service, to the parking spaces as well as help and advice for your sightseeing tour planning. And if there should be a rainy day, Hotel Stefanie feels kind of responsible and hands out umbrellas to its guests.

It's not far to culinary delights 

Find outstanding cuisine and traditional Austrian culinary art right at the hotel in Restaurant Stefanie and the cosy courtyard garden.

Good home cooking that offers something for everyone. A great breakfast buffet, a lunch buffet with a huge selection or an á la carte dinner in the beautiful dining room – you will love it.

The Viennese locals also like to come to Restaurant Stefanie to enjoy a good meal, something we take as a good sign.

Jewish Vienna

The 2nd Viennese district, also called Leopoldstadt, is a traditionally Jewish residential area. There are several synagogues and houses of prayer as well as kosher bakeries and restaurants in close vicinity.

Hotel Stefanie knows about the wishes of the district and is delighted to regularly accommodate Jewish guests. We also offer a kosher breakfast if requested.

Bringing together various nations, religions and cultures and generating diversity and appreciation is important at Hotel Stefanie.

Would you like to spend your holiday at the traditional Hotel Stefanie? Or have your party / conference in a very traditional Viennese atmosphere? Then book online now or contact the team at the Schick Hotels

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