100 years of Viennese charm

Rejuvenation program for the "Erzherzog" (archduke)

Renovation works to be carried out from January to March 2019

After 100 years, the time has come for the “Erzherzog” to undertake a three-month long curative program. The building will be renovated and refurbished from the basement up to the attic and air-conditioning will be installed. Walls will be repositioned and surfaces utilized optimally in order to provide guests at the hotel with greater comfort in future. As part of this process, emphasis will always be placed on improving the working conditions of the staff as well as complying with all necessary safety requirements. In summary, everything that a venerable “Erzherzog” would wish to offer in this day and age and everything that he needs to consider.

Efficient air-conditioning with fresh air supply

From April 2019, all of the rooms will be equipped with air-conditioning, which means that perspiring during the hot summer months will be a thing of the past at the Hotel Erzherzog Rainer. As a holder of the Austrian ecolabel for tourism businesses, it is very important to us that we install air-conditioning that is as environmentally-friendly as possible based on the most up-to-date technology. It should guarantee a deep and restful sleep in a pleasant indoor climate with good indoor air quality while being highly efficient and energy-saving when in operation.

A new design for the hotel’s guest rooms

The archduke's signature at the walls
The archduke's signature at the walls

The installation of air-conditioning will mean largescale intervention in the hotel building, and has been used as an opportunity to rethink the concept of the rooms. Walls will be repositioned to create 23 completely new double-bedrooms in a modern design.

In the 56 preexisting rooms, a wide variety of adaptations are being made where necessary. A new bed, a new sofa, brighter lighting or more shelf space in the bathroom are just a few examples of the greater level of comfort that guests rightly expect today.

The “Erzherzog’s” personal signature is to be found, in the truest sense of the word, in every room, since the deed the archduke granted the hotel in 1913 allowing it to bear his name can be found in each one in a completely unique way.

New look in the breakfast room

Enjoying breakfast or celebrating
Enjoying breakfast or celebrating

A pleasant ambience is required for the most important meal of the day. For that reason, the “Serviette” breakfast room will also be given a fresh new design with a newly arranged buffet layout at the same time. The space is now an ideal events room and can be used for that purpose immediately.

A foretaste of the new buffet layout that has been planned is available now:

Behind the scenes

A wholescale redesign of the basement level will create storage rooms, cold storage and deep-freeze rooms for food, drink and various hotel requirements. Rooms  that have been freed up on the hotel’s floors will be used as cloakrooms and lounges for the staff. Altogether, the working conditions at the hotel will be significantly improved and of the highest hygiene standards, including all necessary fire-precaution measures to guarantee everyone’s safety.

A curative program is thoroughly hard work and the course of therapy must be held to strictly. We have a camera on location so that we can show you which program the “Erzherzog” is currently due to participate in.

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