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The perfect atmosphere

Your perfect event is still missing a little something

"Decoration – since you eat with your eyes first!" These words of wisdom not only apply to the presentation of the dishes but also to the right decoration for the right event. We offer a wide range of decorations from fancy understatement to a more extravagant style.

The decoration adds the final touch to your event. According to your event, the decoration is the visual backing for the culinary highlights.

With an intuition for style in every single premise the Schick Catering team will gladly adjust the decorations to your requested concept in order to build the perfect atmosphere for your event.

Quality – we only serve the highest quality in everything we do

Classy elegant, modest or flamboyant. With every event we customise the decoration according to the meal and the occation.

Only the best when it comes to our guests! If you like our ideas we would be delighted to receive your no obligation online enquiry

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