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The Schick Catering team

The SCHICK-Catering team is known for its experience and the popular and charming Schick service. To meet your requests is our highest aim. We rely on the cooperation with our partner businesses, in order to best meet your requests and ideas.

Professional Service

Best care and service provided by our experienced team for 3 or 5 hours during your event (incl. setup and removal) is already included in our package deals. For any additional service we charge a service flat rate (no matter of the required number of staff members) of € 150.00 per hour or part thereof. The hourly rates are inclusive of all taxes.

The hourly rates are inclusive of all taxes.

Please note that we take the actual service time for our staff as basis of calculation, the service time lasts from the start of the event until the end with the last guest leaving the venue.

More than standard

If you don’t book a package deal we will charge € 25.00 (inclusive of all taxes) for beverage service and care per staff member and hour.

For form’s sake we point out that all the provided staff members by the Schick Hotels Vienna are both state-insured and according to labour law employed at the Schick Hotel Vienna. Therefore there are no additional costs for you!

Rely on our experienced staff and send us your online event and catering enquiry today

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