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Alt-Wiener delicacy journey

A taste of Imperial Vienna

The Alt-Wiener delicacy journey has been a traditional and very popular arrangement at the Kronprinz Rudolph Restaurant, which can be found at the Stefanie Hotel, for many years. We also offer this arrangement in our catering programme.

Vienna was and remains a melting pot of the most diverse cultures, which a glance at the menu demonstrates. Take to the „Alt-Wiener Schmankerl-Reise“ (A Taste of Imperial Vienna) and enjoy a culinary foray through the former Crown lands of the Austrian monarchy, garnished with insights into the history of Viennese cuisine. Culinary questions and answers await you, as do 7 delectable Viennese delicacies („Schmankerl“), a glass of beer, Austrian wine, a Viennese coffee and a „historic souvenir“.


Veal goulash with Salzstangerl
served with Ottakringer Pils

Homemade beef broth
with pancake strips and „Kaiserschöberl“

Wiener Schnitzel with potato salad
accompanied by a glass of Austrian wine

Tafelspitz with classic sides
roast potatoes, chive sauce and apple horseradish

„Powidltascherl“ (plum pockets)
and a Viennese Melange

Price: € 56.00 per person

In the mood for more?

Reserve accompanying to the “Alt-Wiener Schmankerl-Reise” a 2-hours moderation by an experienced tourist guide whom we trust.
During the meal, you are entertained with trivia about Viennese cuisine and its genesis, amusing anecdotes and informative stories from the days of the emperor and of old Vienna. The moderation is available in nearly all languages!

Price: € 220.00

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