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Schick Hotels Vienna: Social engagement with charm

Social projects from the bottom of our hearts

For Dr. Martin Schick and his team it is a matter close to their hearts to show social engagement and to support people in need. This is how the long-standing cooperations with partners like Stiftung Kindertraum, Red Cross Vienna or fair trade, to name just a few, started. 

Schick Hotels Vienna: happy children are our future

Letter Stiftung Kindertraum 2016 (260.2 KiB)
Child dressed as a star with the Schick Family at Award Ceremony
Partner of the Foundation Kindertraum

For many years the Schick Hotels have supported Stiftung Kindertraum, an organisation that makes wishes of ill children and children with special needs come true. The latest donation of the Schick Hotels makes it possible that the 3years old Laura from Lower Austria gets a sensory integration therapy one year long. This will facilitate Laura`s body awareness and her mental and emotional development. (Please read more in the letter of the Stiftung Kindertraum a bit higher in the text)

From a holiday in America to various therapies, a "crawling aid" or a new computer, there have been many wished that came true and gave these children moments of happiness. For Dr. Marting Schick and his whole team it is a great honour to help disadvantaged children in their development.

The original idea – to invest the Christmas cards budget in a donation to Stiftung Kindertraum – has become a regular institution at the Schick Hotels. By now it is natural for the management and the big team at the Viennese private hotels to support important charitable projects not only around Christmas.

Other social institutions are also supported with donations from the Schick Hotels Vienna. The motto “together today for tomorrow and the day after” best summarises the company's philosophy, which is the base for Schick Hotel Vienna's social engagement. 

SOS Children's Village

For many years the Schick Hotels have been sponsor for a SOS Children's Village in Rumania and support monthly with a "Village sponsorship".

Help for the blind and the visually impaired 

For many years the Schick Hotels have supported various aid organisations for the blind and the visually impaired in Austria. On the one hand with donations to the aid organisations for the blind and the visually impaired .

On the other hand with regular purchases of high-quality brooms, brushes, etc. that have all been made by blind people via ÖBER, the occupation and distribution society for Austria's blind production, which we would also like to recommend to you. Our last order in Janury 2017: various brushes, washleathers and towels.

Schick Hotels Vienna support fair trade 

The considered and efficient use of nature's resources is important to the team at the charming Schick Hotels Vienna. That is why the Schick Hotels Vienna buy fair trade products out of conviction. In the restaurants as well as in the rooms you will find fair trade products: indulgence with a good conscience is guaranteed at the Schick Hotels Vienna.

The team at the Schick Hotels Vienna offer you a great range of fair trade products in the Schick Restaurants. Additionally – apart from other important projects – the Schick Hotel's restaurants also deliver food to two homeless shelters in Vienna.

Here are our “sustainable” partnerships: 

You want to know more about the social engagement of Schick Hotels? Feel free to contact us for further questions! 

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